I’m Nicole. I am a crazy fast crocheter and as of last year, also a knitter. Yes, I went to the dark side after 10 years of crocheting like mad. I figured it was time to put my big girl panties on and teach myself. Of course, this makes my lap full of children and yarn for 100% of the time. And I love everything about it!!

I am a mother to two busy awesome little boys and a steppie to a sweet & funny pre-teen daughter. That’s a thing right? My hubby rolls with my obsessions and doesn’t complain too much about my expenditures and is even my right-hand man at markets.

A couple years ago I had double shoulder surgery, this left my job as an electrician in limbo. I was 20 years into my career and under 40 with 2 messed up chicken wings. After I healed, I faced going back to more than full-time hours, shift work and a nanny for our children. So I spun our world upside down, and stepped up my hobby into a knitwear business. This allows me to work at something I am passionate about and to be with my little munchkins all day long. And sometimes while I fight to get my yarn back out of their little fists I am reminded that this is definitely ALL. DAY. LONG. đŸ™‚

All the knitwear is designed by myself, and mostly made by me. I do call in one or two lovely ladies to help me keep up with my winter demands. These are grammas and mamas like myself that want to be home with their kids. And my hubby has even taken on the role of expert yarn pom pom maker…somewhat kicking and screaming. đŸ™‚

I just recently started working with my good friend Robin. She designs the amazing wraps found in the shop. I always wanted to move more into clothing and by chance I met this lovely lady at a market last Christmas. She was right next door to me selling perfume for a friend…really, really well I might add. We instantly became friends and decided to collaborate! There are some really good things to come for Canadian Frost!

Thanks for reading my bio. I’d love to hear from you with any questions, special requests or custom inquiries. I am always open to a collab as well with other makers. Please, shoot me an email.

Warm hugs,
Nicole xx